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Harriet Tubman Museum Spotlight: I Got Shoes and More with Linda Harris

I am delighted to share this article written by Tammy Vitale! And vaguely remember her taking the video. But so glad she did. It is great the “signal or code songs” are highlighted! David and I enjoy singing them on our guided tours and in concerts. They are in my opinion, the very essence, (the DNA) of American music. I am often criticized for my interpretation of the code songs. The words and sounds of which were reduced to the bars and staffs of musical notation after slavery. And those who write and or say that the words could not have come from my ancestors. But I challenge you to think for just a moment about our (stolen) legacy! How we were observed and studied! And how history skewed, stripped and underestimated our brilliance! I encourage you to “Follow the Drinking Gourd” each day. To be a shining star in your community! Value the guidance and teachings of the elders you meet along the way. Share, give and lend a helping hand. And enlighten those on the journey to freedom! That’s what the Underground Railroad was and is! (Also note, our new exhibits and mural will be installed in 2024)

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Claire Myles
Claire Myles
Mar 30

My husband and I had a wonderful tour of Cambridge which focused on Harriet Tubman history there and the cities early history in the slave trade. Linda Harris was our guide and she was fantastic! She discussed the history of coded songs and delighted us with singing a few. Don’t miss out on one of her tours.

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