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Meet The Team


Director Bill Jarmon

"' Faith, Family, Community, Freedom' Araminta 'Minty' Harriet Ross-Tubman, experience her roots and her journey in Dorchester County, Maryland"

Executive Director Linda Harris

Director of Events and Programming Linda Harris


"I endeavor to carry on the legacy of Harriet Tubman by connecting history, music, and arts in a way that reaches our inner being and changes lives."

History of the Museum

The Harriet Tubman Organization, Inc. is a community-based association located in Cambridge, Maryland.  It had its early beginnings in 1983 when a committee was founded to assist the Trustees of Bazzel United Methodist Church in Bucktown, Maryland, in planning a three-day activity in memory of Harriet Ross Tubman.

In the early days before the founding of the organization that would become the Harriet Tubman Organization, local historian, Addie Clash Travers, was the lady to contact about Harriet Tubman.  Locals were given directions to “Ms.” Addie’s home to those seeking information about the legacy of Harriet Tubman in Dorchester County.  Her interest in Harriet Tubman was well received by family members.

Addie Clash Travers persuaded others to celebrate the Harriet Tubman legacy at Bazzel Church in Bucktown.  She was joined by members of the Rev. Richard D. Jackson family in her endeavor.  The event was called Harriet Ross Tubman Day, which became an annual activity.

The Harriet Tubman Organization began as the Harriet Tubman Association of Dorchester County, which was founded September 24, 1972 at the home of Rev. Blanch Bailey.  Russell Bailey and his wife opened their home at 1032 Pine Street, Cambridge, Maryland to support the early work of co-founders Addie Clash Travers and Rev. Edward Jackson, as the Harriet Tubman Committee.

The Harriet Tubman Committee was organized January 31, 1983 at Waugh Chapel United Methodist Church, Cambridge.  Persons present were Addie Clash Travers, Richard Bailey, Woodrow A. Pinder, Elaine Bennett, Myrtle Cromwell, Elsie M. Pinder, Louise Stanley, Rev. Edward Jackson, Mary S. Elliott, Rev. Edwin Ellis, Marvel Travis, Linda P. Wheatley and Loretta P. Young.

The goal of the founding members was to develop a community cultural center.  The center would provide services to the community and address the needs of children through cultural, educational, social, economical and historical activities.  The center would also preserve and promote the life of Harriet Ross Tubman.

In 1996, the Board of Directors voted to change its name to the Harriet Tubman Organization, Inc.  This change more accurately reflects the group’s vision for the future and its revised mission.  The mission of the Harriet Tubman Organization is to develop programs and services for children and families and to preserve the history and memory of Harriet Tubman by offering the general public an interpretive history of her achievements.  This mission includes acting as an advocate for the children, youth and families and promoting historical preservation.

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